The Chai Center was founded on February 5, 1998 - Shvat 10 5758 to serve the Jewish community in Wilrijk, Edegem and its surroundings.

Its activities include: Synagogue services on Shabbat and the Holidays, classes and study groups on various topics of interest, social events for adults and activities for children.

Since its creation, the Chai Center has experienced great success in all its activities and that is very much thanks to your participation and input. We welcome any suggestions or involvement you would like to offer, to further enhance our service to the community.

The Chai Center holds synagogue services every Shabbat.

Friday evening at 18.00 (unless otherwise noticed) and Shabbat morning at 10.00 followed by a kiddush. 

All services, high holidays and special occasions are held at: 

Chai Center